Canada in World War II

Britain had slowly, and begrudgingly, rearmed in the 1930s only after Hitler had appeared has a clear threat. Her dominions pledged their assistance to England and her allies, but not all declared war on September 3, 1939. Canada waited until September 9th to convene her Parliament, and declared war on September 10.

Burma in World War II

Burma was separated from India in 1935, but remained a British colony. Far away from the European War, Burma was the scene of frantic building during 1941. A long and difficult construction marked the construction of the Burma Road, which winded through mountains and valleys from Lashio, Burma to Kunming, China.

The Battle of Britain, July-September 1940

The Normandy Breakout June - August 1944

Bonhoeffer - PBS (2003)

Composer John Keltonic writes about his contribution to the upcoming PBS documentary about some of the first resistance to Hitler.

"A touching narrative on the nature of faith - powerful and shocking"
The New York Times


Bismarck’s Atlantic Sortie May 20-27, 1941

In the Spring of 1941, air attacks on England had failed to break the will of her population to carry on the war. Heavy combat in the Atlantic focused on Kriegsmarine U-boats attacking merchant ships bound for England and attempting to starve the British into submission. Except for a few exceptions, German capital ships had not entered the Atlantic to raid convoys.

The Battle of Berlin, April-May 1945

Belgium in World War II

King Leopold III, commander of the Belgian Armed Forces in 1940, had a strategic dilemma. Both the French and the Germans sought to make war with each other on his soil. Both had war plans that called for advancement into Belgium to fight the main force engagement that General Maurice Gamelin, the French commander, and General Erich von Manstein, the German commander, hoped would eliminate the other.

The German Invasion of the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941-December 1941

Yugoslavia in World War II

In their failed attempt to invade Greece, the Italians were driven out of Santi Quaranta, which Mussolini had renamed Proto Edda after his oldest daughter. Mussolini, embarrassed, had to ask Hitler to help his forces. In a fast moving campaign, the British were driven out of Greece and the Germans occupied Athens on April 27.


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