Panzerkampfwagen IVs of the Afrika Korps

A column of Panzerkampfwagen IVs on the move. The date is estimated; some of the men appear to be wearing the tropical hat first issued in 1941. The Deutsches Afrika Korps (German Africa Corps) had the 15th Panzer Division and the 5th Leichte (Light) Division (later designated the 21st Panzer Division) as their primary armored formation. Both of the divisions landed in Tripoli, Libya in February through May of 1941. The Afrika Korps was attached to Panzer Group Africa (August 15, 1941) and then Panzer Army Afrika (January 30, 1942) and later the 5th Panzer Army (December 8, 1942) and finally Heeresgroup Afrika (Army Group Afrika) on February 23, 1943. They were involved in fighting the British 8th Army from 1941-1943 and then after the Torch Landings in November 1942 the Americans. Both divisions were completely shattered during the fighting, and surrendered on May 13, 1943. The divisions were reconstituted in Germany and continued to fight until the end of the war.
Caption Written By: 
Jason McDonald
Date Photographed: 
Thursday, May 1, 1941