Survivors of RO-61 Arrive at Dutch Harbor

Survivors of Imperial Japanese Navy submarine RO-61 are led blindfolded and restrained from USS Reid (DD-369). RO-61 torpedoed seaplane tender USS Casco (AVP-12) on August 30, 1942. The next day Consolidated PBY Catalina patrol aircraft spot the sub on the surface while recharging her batteries. Dropping depth charges, they alert USS Reid (DD-369) who attacks her with two patterns of depth charges that wreck the submarine's control room and cause fires. Lieutenant Commander Toshisada Tokutomi orders the sub to surface. The crew is raked with 20mm cannon fire from Reid as they try to man the sub's single 76mm gun. Reid sinks RO-61 with her 5" main armament. 60 officers and men go down with the ship. Five survivors are rescued, the first prisoners in the Aleutians Campaign.
Caption Written By: 
Jason McDonald
National Archives
Date Photographed: 
Tuesday, September 1, 1942
Dutch Harbor
United States