USS Panay (PR-5) Casualty List On Board USS Augusta (CA-31)

On December 19, 1937, a week after the sinking of USS Panay (PR-5) 20 miles down the Yangtze River from Nanjing, China, USS Oahu (PR-6) brought the survivors and the dead alongside USS Augusta (CA-31) in Shanghai. USS Augusta published the first complete casualty report including the crew's names. At the time USS Oahu came alongside USS Augusta, the bodies of Storekeeper First Class Charles L. Ensminger, Standard Oil Tanker Captain Carl H. Carlson and Italian reporter Sandro Sandri lay in coffins on Oahu's deck. Carlson was killed in the attack; Sandri, hit by shrapnel in the back, and Ensminger, hit by machine gun fire in the sixth vertebrae while traveling to shore in a lifeboat, endured traveling by stretcher and died on December 13. Coxswain Edgar C. Hulsebus would die later that night of wounds at County Hospital, Shanghai, China. Eighteen of Panay's crew were stretcher cases, and half the crew were wounded; seventy-four were treated in Shanghai.
Caption Written By: 
Jason McDonald
Date Photographed: 
Sunday, December 19, 1937