Marine Grimaces as Japanese Mortars Come In on Peleliu

In a still from FURY IN THE PACIFIC, a 1st Marine Division leatherneck grimaces as Japanese mortar fire comes in. FURY IN THE PACIFIC was released on March 22, 1945, and is recognized as one of the best Pacific War documentaries of World War II. Unlike many jingoistic films, FURY IN THE PACIFIC respected the fighting qualities of the Japanese. The documentary used combat camera footage from the 1st Marine Division's landing on Peleliu and the United States Army's 81st Infantry Division's landing on Angaur in September 1944. It was narrated by Richard Carlson (April 29, 1912 - November 21, 1977) Sources differ as to how many combat cameramen were killed or wounded filming FURY IN THE PACIFIC, but at least ten of thirty-nine men in the photography unit were casualties. Once the 1st Marine Division entered the Umurbrogol, a series of ridges that were the high point of Peleliu, unusually disciplined Japanese fire control inflicted huge casualties on the Marines. 6,500 Marines were killed or wounded on Peleliu. Date Estimated.
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Jason McDonald
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Friday, September 15, 1944