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Japanese Prisoner Cries Upon Hearing News of Surrender

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Japanese soldier cries after hearing the Gyokuon-hoso (“Jewel Voice Broadcast“), in which Emperor Hirohito read out the Imperial Rescript on the Termination of the War. Emotions in the camp ran high, as the prisoners did not expect to be welcomed on their return to Japan. Guam was a major processing center throughout the war. The number of captured or surrendering Japanese increased as it became obvious that Japan was going to lose the war. Large numbers of Korean or Taiwanese laborers were also captured. Most were repatriated by December 1945.
Image Filename wwii1245.jpg
Image Size 1.51 MB
Image Dimensions 2294 x 2878
Photographer Unknown
Photographer Title
Caption Author Jason McDonald
Date Photographed August 15, 1945
Location Prisoner of War Camp
City Sumay
State or Province Guam
Country Marianas
Archive National Archives and Records Administration
Record Number
Status Caption ©2007, ©2024 MFA Productions LLC
Image in the Public Domain

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