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Admiralty Lookout and Port War Signal Station

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The Admiralty Lookout and Port War Signal Station was closed during my visit. From here, Ramsay‘s staff could observe German movements in Calais on clear days, and direct fire control on German ships and aircraft. The base was built in World War I, a second floor was added in World War II, and the concrete roof was poured in 1941. Scholars who have visited both the Admiralty Lookout and German Atlantic Wall formations note the Germans used much more robust bunkers in their defensive works. It‘s likely that this was built to protect the observers from small arms and to keep their actions hidden, not as a front line command post or bunker. The renovation was completed in three stages ending in 2008. There are now exhibits for public viewing there.
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Photographer Jason McDonald
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Caption Author Jason McDonald
Date Photographed January 01, 2006
Location Dover Castle
City Dover
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Country United Kingdom
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