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Mittlerer Schützenpanzer Hanomag sdkfz 251

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Mittlerer Schützenpanzer Hanomag sdkfz 251
Image Filename wwii2367.jpg.jpg
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Image Dimensions 640 x 480
Photographer Jason McDonald
Photographer Title
Caption Author Jason McDonald
Date Photographed 1/1/2006
Location IWM Duxford
City Duxford
State or Province Cambridgeshire
Country United Kingdom
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German half tracks were designed to keep up with the Panzers. Most people don’t realize that the real breakthrough that created the Blitzkreg was the use of communications to keep infantry in tandem use with artillery, tanks. and aircraft. The Poles, British, Belgians and the French didn’t develop radio-controlled combined arms until later in the war. The United States had worked on similar tactics during the Louisiana Manuvers of 1941, but until they met the Germans in combat in North Africa, they hadn’t perfected their own combined arms techniques. Both the Americans and the Germans had half tracks as part of their combined arms teams. The Mittlerer Schss∫tzenpanzer (light armored infantry vehicle) sdkfz 251 was produced in huge numbers and served in all theatres of German action. 23 separate variants were produced.

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