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Otter Scout Car of Fourth Armored Division, II Canadian Corps

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Canadian soldier of Governor General‘s Foot Guards, Fourth Canadian Armoured Division, II Canadian Corps in an Otter Mark I Scout Car the day after liberation of May-sur-Orne. At the end of July 1944 in Normandy, II Canadian Corps under Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds attempted to eliminate the German resistance south of Caen. Two SS Armored Divisions tenaciously held each Norman town, turning the rubble into a fortress. On August 7, the Operation Totalize began. May-sur-Orne was pulverized by British and Canadian aircraft. Tanks and infantry attacked in the morning hours of August 8. In the vicinity of May-sur-Orne a deluge of artillery and machine-guns fire stopped dead two assaults of the Canadians. The allied attack was renewed with support of Crocodiles flame-thrower tanks; after fierce resistance, the German garrison withdrew, around 1800 Hours. The Fusiliers Mont Royal led II Canadian Corps into May-sur-Orne. The Otter Light Reconnaissance Car (LRC) was developed by General Motors Canada. Between 1942 and 1945, 1761 units were produced in Oshawa, Ontario. The vehicle was based on the 4×4 Chevrolet C15 truck. The armament consisted of a hull-mounted Boys anti-tank rifle and a .303 caliber Bren light machine gun in a small open-topped turret.
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Photographer Unknown
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Caption Author Jason McDonald
Date Photographed August 09, 1944
Location May-sur-Orne
City May-sur-Orne
State or Province Normandy
Country France
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