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Tanks on Roi-Namur

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Private First Class N. E. Darling of Company C, Fourth Tank Battalion, Fourth Marine Division, stands surrounded by tanks on Roi-Namur. His left hand is on a Type 95 Ha-Go, a 7.4-ton vehicle with a crew of three, one 37mm main gun and two 7.7mm machine guns. Slow but effective against unsupported infantry, it was no match against any Allied armor. The type 95 was the basis for an amphibious version. Behind Carling is a M4A2 Sherman tank; note the raised exhaust at rear of the tank to prevent flooding while landing on the beach. Nicknamed “Killer“ it has wooden armor added to prevent attachment of magnetic mines. This tank, along with the rest of Company C, landed on Red Beach 3 at 1150 Hours on February 1, 1944. On the rear deck of “Killer“ is a type 94 Te-Ke tankette. Based on the British Carden-Lloyd carrier, it served as a prime mover for artillery and weapons. It had a small, manually operated turret with a single 7.7mm machine gun. These Japanese tanks were part of the Second Battalion of the First Sea-Mobile Brigade commanded by Colonel Tarokichi Aso. They were probably disabled by the heavy preliminary bombardment from battleships, cruisers and artillery on nearby islands seized the day before the Marines landed on Roi-Namur. The National Archives PFC Darling‘s last name as “Carling.”
Image Filename wwii1253.jpg
Image Size 1.74 MB
Image Dimensions 2810 x 2932
Photographer Tennelly
Photographer Title United States Marine Corps
Caption Author Jason McDonald
Date Photographed February 02, 1944
Location Red Beach 3
City Roi-Namur
State or Province Kwajalein
Country Marshalls
Archive National Archives and Records Administration
Record Number
Status Caption ©2007, ©2024 MFA Productions LLC
Image in the Public Domain

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