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Vickers Light Tank Mark III

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Vickers Light Tank Mark III. The series of light tanks; or tankettes; built by Vickers during the 1930s directly influenced the Carden-Lloyd weapons carrier that saw ubiquitous service with British and Commonwealth forces during World War II. Prior to the outbreak of hostilities the design was a successful component of British colonial rule in India. Vickers light tanks saw action in North Africa; East Africa and France; but they were poorly used against German tanks; and offered poor infantry support. Huge losses resulted. Some of the armored sides of the tanks could be pierced by the fire of a German MG34 machine gun. Their engine power and suspension often inhibited off-road use. Vickers Mark III tanks; like the one in this view; were only used in combat during the East African Campaign by the First South African Light Tank Company of the South African Tank Corps; which served in the First South African Division. They operated Vickers Light Tanks Mark IIa; Mark III and Mark IV during the 1940-1941 operations to liberate Somaliland. Most vehicles in the United Kingdom were used for training until 1942; when they were replaced by more advanced models. The Mark III was built in 1934 and quickly supplanted by the Mark IV. Mark IIIs carried one .303 Vickers machine gun; weighed 4.5 tons; and could move 30 miles per hour. Only 36 were built.
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Caption Author Jason McDonald
Date Photographed January 01, 1934
Location Vickers Light Tank Mark III
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Country United Kingdom
Archive Imperial War Museum
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