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The Tripartite Pact, also known as the Berlin Pact, was an agreement between Joachim von Ribbentrop for Germany; Galeazzo Ciano for Italy; and Saburō Kurusu for Japan. The Pact was signed in the presence of Adolf Hitler in Berlin on September 27, 1940.

This Axis was eventually joined by Hungary on November 20, 1940, Romania on November 23, 1940, Bulgaria (March 1, 1941, and Yugoslavia March 25, 1941. The German client state of Slovakia joined on November 25, 1940.

The Axis was only ever a loose defensive alliance, more of an aspiration against the United States. Its defensive clauses were never invoked, and signing the agreement did not oblige its signatories to fight a common war. Yet it inspired Reichklanzler Adolf Hitler to declare war on the United States following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, virtually ensuring his doom.

BulgariaBulgariaAxis member 1941-1944; Allied member 1945
FinlandFinlandAxis member 1939-1945; Allied member 1945
Nazi Flag GermanyAxis member in North Central Europe
HungaryHungaryAxis member in Central Europe
ItalyItalyAxis member in Southern Europe 1940-1943; Allied member 1943-1945; partially occupied by Germany 1943-1945
JapanJapanAxis member in East Asia
KoreaKoreaAxis member in East Asia; occupied by Japan 1905-1945
RomaniaRomaniaAxis member in South Central Europe

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