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This Red Army instructional poster encourages the Razvedchiki – scouts – to not just check the ground, but also look up in trees for snipers and infiltrators. Razvedchiki were the all-purpose elite units of the Red Army. The Red Army combined the functions that the United States Army separated into reconnaissance and intelligence units. As an NKVD History recorded, “Razvedchiki dispatched into the dispositions of fascist front units, fulfilled the mission of close troop reconnaissance and gathered information about the locations of staffs, warehouses, and other important German objectives. Often they fulfilled, as well, responsible and dangerous missions for demolition of enemy frontal communications and destruction of large enemy bases and fuel depots and for the seizure of fascist staff officers with operational documents.“ Each rifle regiment had a company of Razvedchiki, and each division would have a battalion attached. They were considered to be the best formation in the unit, and were preferentially treated when it came to equipment, food and clothing. The artist has depicted this Razvedchiki with his characteristic white coverall camouflage.
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Caption Author Jason McDonald
Date Photographed January 01, 1942
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Country Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
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