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Preparing For An Assault In Stalingrad

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In this staged photo by Pravda photographer Georgi Zelma (1906-1984), a Soviet assault group prepares to attack. Several different compositions of this view exist. It was taken at Stalingrad during the campaign, so it is a reasonable depiction of Soviet soldiers, although they are very well equipped, with helmets, warm padded vests, PPSh-41 submachine guns and hand grenades. Assault groups would storm German fixed positions and overrun them. They incurred heavy casualties.
Image Filename wwii0252.jpg
Image Size 403.23 KB
Image Dimensions 1500 x 1164
Photographer Zelma, Georgi
Photographer Title
Caption Author Jason McDonald
Date Photographed November 01, 1942
City Stalingrad
State or Province Stalingrad Oblast
Country Soviet Union
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